Golden Star

I’ve painted with oils on an Italian Basswood panel prepared with old-fashioned mother of pearl and chalk oil gesso.  The painting is called Golden Star or Au Stella. It is a representation of the battle between radiant and compressing energies in the
densest of all radiant objects; a neutron star.  This is the source from which all heavy metals in the universe are derived; like gold.

Golden Star

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Electromagnetism – form of Sutro Tower

Electromagnetism is part of the Fundamental Forces series of paintings.  It is represented here by Sutro Tower in San Francisco.  Electromagnetism by Thomas Wolf

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Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park

Three perspectives of the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park representing Science, Music and Art.  This State of the Art tryptic of oil paintings on panel are part of the San Francisco Series.   Continue reading “Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park”