Radium Scientific Beauty

Radium Scientific Beauty is painted with water media on paper.  This was the first painting from the Fundament Forces series to explore the strong and weak nuclear forces.  This work on paper is currently unframed.  It was completed in 2014.

18″ x 24″

Radium Scientific Beauty by Thomas Wolf

Space Time

Space Time by Thomas WolfSpace Time is a part of the Fundamental Forces series.  It is represented by the event horizon, accretion disk and gamma ray jets of a black hole.  This is an oil painting on wood panel, completed in 2014.

12″ x 48″

Blackhole Binary

Blackhole Binary is part of the Fundamental Forces series.  It was started as a study for Space Time, but attainted the qualities of a finished work of art.

20″ x 16″

Blackhole Binary by Thomas Wolf