Music Concourse – Science

Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

One of three paintings from the Golden Gate Park Music Concourse tryptic.  This painting represents Science.  Most simply it does this by depicting the California Academy of Sciences building.  The glass domes on the top of this building glow with light against a night sky.

The painting represents science in other deeper ways.  The architecture of this painting depicts a progression of scientific theory and experimentation starting with Thomas Young’s double-slit experiment represented by the tunnel to the left of the music concourse.

The progression continues to the tops of the trees shaped to represent a color glass condensate; a haze of gluons produced during the collision of two heavy nuclei, distributed as particles in a waveform.  Within this haze are three quarks that make up each proton and neutron from a nucleus.

The sky in the painting resembles a starry night, but is also this artists’ interpretation of a quantum computer.  Each “star” is described through the use of an asterisk, lattice and enclosing sphere representing the variables of location, mass, momentum, spin, charge, etc. of a sub-atomic particle.  Colors to represent the states of the variables are chosen by use of a code that ensures a random but interacting pattern across the grid of densely packed spheres.

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