Bubble Builder

Bubble Builder by Thomas WolfBubble Builder is in the Tondo series of paintings completed in 2010.  It is oil on wood panel.

10″ diameter


Tautology by Thomas Wolf

Tautology is a petite still life of sunflowers and volcano.  This oil painting on gesso board was completed in 2010.

10″ x 10″


Skyquake is a State of the Art oil painting of Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker to the North.  It was completed in 2010 and is a part of the San Francisco series of paintings.  There are two inspirations for this painting.   Skyquake

M-Brane Theory

M-Brane Theory by Thomas WolfM-Brane Theory is a State of the Art painting in oil on canvas.  It was completed in 2010 and was the first completed in my present location, High Voltage Sunset studio.

36″ x 36″

Icarus Moth

Icaraus Moth is a single work painted in oils across three canvases.  It was completed in 2008.